Join ranks with the gladiators!

Everything you need to know


Apollo Arena is a competitive multiplayer bow shooting game. Everyone loves FPS games and everyone loves bows in VR, why not combine them and become a space-robot-gladiator? Do you want to shoot arrows that propel you into the air? We have them. You want to blow up people with explosive arrows? We got them as well. Join the Beta and try it out for yourself. Perhaps we cross paths while we are swinging on our grappling hook arrow!


The arena within Apollo Arena is a floating space station, yeah you guessed it, through space. It contains different sections, some of which contain normal gravity and others have very low gravity. The game allows for customised movement, for instance: if you get sick by 'stick-movement' than you can try the 'teleportation' function.


Right now the game is in it's Beta and can be played on a local connection. The game supports PC VR with support for all VR headsets that are able to have a connection to the PC. Our team is currently working hard to make the game supported by Steams network allowing for non-local hosting and joining. We expect it to support VR-standalone systems by the time we launch the game at Steam. In addition, more customisation will be added to the game!